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Fall Flag and Tackle Football

The Desoto Chiefs Youth Football Association is a youth football program focusing on life lessons while building up the necessary skills in playing football preparing to play football at the middle and high school level, and utilizing trained volunteer coaches.

Youth football can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength, and coordination. Whether you are looking to play in middle or high school in the future or to have fun and be active,  our organization is a  great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.

Desoto Chiefs's objective is to promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, personal integrity, and team cooperation through the participation and instruction of the game of football. Our primary goal is to mold future citizens with encouragement toward good sportsmanship. Our member organizations apply these objectives and goals with no emphasis on ability. 

Regular season games are followed by playoffs for all teams. 

Desoto Chief Football

Registration Details and Team Formation

Fall Flag and Tackle registration is open from January 1st through June 30th. 

Players are registered for age group in the Fall. spots on a team are allocated to individuals based on when you register. The timing of your registration does not dictate which team you are on. 

  • Flag teams are capped at 12 players.

  • Tackle teams are capped at 22 players.

  • A minimum of 16 players are required to make a team for tackle teams.​

Cost to Register: 

Registration fees are $150 per player for tackle and $125 for flag. A discount will be applied at checkout for all players who sign up before April 1.  All returning players' registration fees are $100 per player. 

Desoto Chief Football


Flag Football

Custom gameday Desoto Chief jerseys are included. Flag belts are provided by the coaches at each practice and game.

Players are responsible for purchasing the following equipment:

  • mouthpiece

  • black shorts

  • footwear, no metal spikes

  • football gloves, if desired

Tackle Football

Custom gameday Desoto Chief jerseys and helmet logo stickers are included. 

Players are responsible for purchasing the following equipment:

  • helmet, (Helmet will need to be Paint Red and that is a $50 charge)

  • mouthpiece

  • shoulder pads

  • practice jersey (the color is determined by your coach)

  • black football pants

  • footwear, no metal spikes

  • football gloves, if desired

As a new player, football is an investment. For full transparency, getting your player ready to walk on the field will cost about $250+ for their equipment. You can also spend significantly more depending on the most expensive equipment options. Most helmets and shoulder pads can be worn over multiple seasons depending on your child's growth.

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